Thank you for your interest in the Amish line I design for Blossom Bucket, Inc. My husband and I retired at a retirement center in Lancaster County and I no longer have the ability to continue mail orders on my website.  If you come to Lancaster county, you can still purchase the hand signed copies from my small art gallery at the Amish Farm and House gift shop, located in Lancaster County.   They are also sold in other shops across the US who get their supply directly  from  Blossom Bucket without the artist signature.  You can also purchase them from website.


I am blessed to have many collectors who helped make my Amish designs a success in the past 25 years.   Some of you became friends and we talked and laughed together, but all of you were appreciated as it made a dream come true. 


                                          Thank you, thank you!     Esther O'Hara

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